Thursday, May 15, 2008

Treehouse - Quezon City

Category: Restaurant

Location: Quezon City

True to it's name, it's facade is designed just like a tree house. At the back there are 4 "cottage like" dining places (refer to the picture below). It was a Sunday when we dined there and there weren't many people over there. Although, by Tuesday (pay day) it was buzzing with excitement. All waiters got pretty busy.

During our first visit we ordered their "Filipino Fiesta" package which includes bulalo, sizzling sisig, pinakbet, kinunot and a steamed pandan rice with leche flan as a desert. We ordered fresh buko juices as drinks. This package is good for 4 which would cost you 1,099.

The kinunot (our fave) was the best. I also like their pinakbet and bulalo.

Aside from the Filipino Fiesta, they also have Kare Kare Lauriat, Inihaw lauriat and crispy pata lauriat.

During our second visit we found out that our favorite "kinunot" is actually a sting ray with creamy coconut milk. You guys ought to try that specialty. Remember: "Kinunot" when you visit this restaurant.

Date: April 13 and 15, 2008

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