Friday, October 26, 2012

Hitch - 2005

Category: Movie

Genre: Chick Flick

Director: Andy Tennant

Writer: Kevin Bisch

Producer: Columbia Pictures, Overbrook Entertainment

Cast: Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James, Amber Valletta, Julie Ann Emery, Adam Arkin, Robinne Lee and more

Tagline:  The cure for the common man.

Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) is "the Date Doctor". He helps the gents to woo and date the woman of their dreams. However he gets smitten with a gossip columnist, Sara (Eva Mendes), for a New York City tabloid and finds out his game just doesn't work with her.

I never expected to enjoy the film much... but I did. I laughed loads at some of the funny scenes. Yeah, with this film, I learned that indeed it would take guts to approach a girl/woman a guy likes. So, it's kinda good to device a plan to make her interested.

I liked the fact that Hitch only caters men who are in love or really interested (more than just a lay) with another woman. So, that settles the PUA issue that I've been researching on.

The chemistry between Smith and Mendes was just so good. You would want to see more of it with them on it :)

Photo Source: Deadline

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