Thursday, July 5, 2012

Work of the Angels - Kat Goldring

Category: Book

Genre: Mystery

Author: Kat Goldring

It's a mystery book about a curious death in the small town

I love how this book manages to mix modern mystery, romance with a dash of Native American Indian and Celtic Traditions and also Witchcraft and some metaphysical aspects.

I fancied the title, and so I bought it. I have a thing of buying titles with: angels, love or fairy tales on it, sometimes to the point of not checking the back cover of what it is about.

Anyhoo, little did I know, this book is the third of it's series. But, good thing it's a mystery series, so every book will have a new thing and you don't need to really read the previous books since you will just be updated.

So, why am I sharing this? :) To put it simply.. I'm crushing on a book character! Oh dear. My love life is becoming pathetic what with me having so many crushes na. Anyway, doesn't matter. Something new will always be exciting!

Kat really placed the character of Quannah well. Yup. Quannah, he is a modern guy with a North American Indian descent. And in the book he plays the role of a detective or investigator in a small town with Irish and North America Indian traditions that are still strong. He goes out with a woman named Willi who is a curious middle aged woman, an educator and sometimes end up getting in trouble with curiosity. She has a curious mix of Irish and North American Indian blood.

Now, I've a third major book character crush! His Name is Quannah. Awww. I can only imagine having a guy I can call... Lassiter lovingly one day! hahahaha.

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