Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Hot Zone - Richard Preston

Category: Book

Genre: Non-Fiction / Bio-Thriller

Author: Richard Preston

This book actually recounts the history of ebola virus and marburg virus. The hair-rising idea of having this airborne virus spreading can be quite terrifying.

For awhile there, this book actually kind of "scared" me. And when I bought this I never really thought it was accounting for something that really happened in real life. It was an easy read because it was written like a story, and not some techie-bio-sci-thingamajig. 

Also, Preston has this analogy that fatal viruses, are acting as the Earth's own antibodies. Protecting the environment from encroachment of humans. Invasions of the deep rain forests are just warnings for humans to stay away. It's like "The Happening", eh? More like, the Earth responding in a different way.

and because it managed to scare me, i'm giving it a 4.5 :)

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