Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Talbot Odyssey - Nelson Demille

Category: Books

Genre: Fiction / Thriller

Author: Nelson Demille

For 4 Decades, Western intelligence agents knows about a terrible secret. World War II may have been over but the secrets remain. The Russian planted a mole inside the CIA with the code name: Talbot. Different theories were explored. Then a street smart ex cop, named Tony Abrams begins to uncover the danger that lies ahead as everyone looks blindly for Talbot who can be anyone.

What started as a simple spy hunt became a desperate battle to save United States of America. Is an intricate web of lies and deception. The highest betrayal of a nation. For forty years Western Intelligence agents have known a terrible secret.

Ever since I read Nelson Demille’s Charm School I have committed myself to read his books. And I had fun in the middle page of the book where the action really began. It’s like I couldn’t put the book down as I was already engrossed with reading and wanting to know what would happen in the end. It's an interesting read and an interesting mix of an ex cop and the CIA guys. Good read for those into spies. :)

Quote I Like:

There are basically 5 ways to hunt - baiting, trapping, stake-outs, beating the bush and decoying. It depends on the animal you're after, the season of the year, and the terrain. With the human animal you can use all methods in any season and terrain. Just keep in mind that when the human animal approaches, he may take any form, including the guise of a friendly animal. He may have a cheery hello or ask for a cigarette.

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