Sunday, July 3, 2011

Green Lantern - 2011

Category: Movie

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Director: Martin Campbell

Writer: Greg Berlanti, Michael Green

Producer: Warner Bros. Pictures, De Line Productions, DC Entertainment

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Tim Robbins, Jay O. Sanders, Taika Waititi, Angela Bassett, Mike Doyle and more

Tagline: One of us.. becomes one of them.

A test pilot, named Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) was granted a mystical green ring that gives him superhuman powers. The source of power is from the Green Lantern Intergalactic Corps and he was admitted as member of the peace keeping squad of the universe.

I watched this with the LEAP Team. Which makes it great. We all came from our graduation weekend somewhere in Antipolo and our Coaches and our co-Leapers were with us to bond.

This movie sure has similar indications about the "Galactic Federation of Light" which makes it really cool for me. I'm not much of a comic fan... but I've heard the movie sticked to the story based on the comic. The movie isn't that amazing... however it brought a deep storyline about fear and will of humans.

Quotes I Like:

 Tomar-Re: Billions of years ago, a race of immortals harnessed the most powerful force in existence: the emerald energy of willpower. These immortals, the Guardians of the Universe, built a world from where they could watch over all of existence: the planet Oa. They divided the universe into 3600 sectors, a ring powered by the energy of will was sent to every sector of the universe to select a recruit. In order to be chosen by the ring, it is said that one must be without fear. Together, these 3600 recruits formed the intergalactic peacekeepers known as the Green Lantern Corps.

 Hal Jordan: The one thing a Green Lantern is supposed to be is fearless. That isn't me...
 Carol Ferris: You have the ability to overcome fear!

 Tomar-Re: Your will turns thought into reality. To master the ring you must learn to focus your will and create what you see in your mind. The ring's limits are only what you can imagine.

Hal Jordan: What is that?
 Tomar-Re: It is the energy generated from the central battery. It's power comes from the will of every living creature in the universe. This in turn charges your lantern which in turn charges your ring. Even your suit is comprised entirely of energy.
 Hal Jordan: What's with all the green?
 Tomar-Re: Green is the color of will. The guardians harnessed will because it is the strongest source of energy in the universe.

Hal Jordan: He said the ring would have not chosen me if it hadn't seen something.But I don't see it. Carol Ferris: I see it. I always have. The ring did not see that you are fearless. It saw that you have the ability to over come fear. It saw that you are courageous. And you are, just like your dad.

 Hal Jordan: You know... there is a saying in my planet, we say 'I am only human'. We say it because we are vulnerable, we say it because we are afraid, but that does not mean that we are weak.

 Hector Hammond: How wonderful that all it took for you to grow is the end of the world!

 Tomar-Re: Of all the Lanterns who have ever worn the ring, there was one whose light shined brightest. At first his humanity was thought to be a weakness, and yet it proved to be his greatest strength.

 Sinestro: Though his time wearing the ring has has been brief, Hal Jordan's defeat of Parallax will be remembered as long as the Corps exists. His actions are a reminder of why the ring chose each of us - to overcome fear, and destroy evil wherever it may hide. As Lanterns we must fight with all our will. Our wills have not always been united. It's time they were.

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