Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Rich Shall Inherit - Elizabeth Adler

Category: Books

Genre: Drama

Author: Elizabeth Adler

Tagline: A tangled web of lies. A legacy of scandal. A search for a missing heir.

A massive inheritance has been left behind by Poppy Mallory who has remained a mysterious millionaire. And after her death a law firm begins to announce that they are looking for the descendant of Poppy. The daughter or a son. Mike Preston, a popular author was intrigued and decides to help out on the case.

I first encountered Elizabeth Adler with her book, "Fortune is A Woman". I really enjoyed the book, that I began scouring the bookstores for more of her work. Most of her stories usually involves rich empires or the old-rich in most cases.

It's kind of intriguing but not as good as her "Fortune is A Woman". Hehe. I have to say. But, if you are into mystery and drama... this would be a great book for you.

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