Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sydney White - 2007

Category: Movie

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Director: Joe Nussbaum

Writer: Chad Gomez Creasey

Company: Morgan Creek Productions, SW7D PRoductions, Clifford Webber Productions, Universal Pictures.

Tagline: Freshman year is no fairy tale.

Cast: Amanda Bynes, Sara Paxton, Matt Long, Jack Carpenter, Jeremy Howard, Crystal Hunt, Adam Hendershott, Danny Strong, Samm Levine, Libby Mintz, John Schneider, Annie Pantoja and more.

Overview and Review of Sydney White directed by Joe Nussbaum.

This is about a beautiful college freshman named Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) who grew up with men. Her father is a carpenter. Most of the story revolves around college, as she pledges at her late mother's once dignified sorority. But, she later learned that today's sisterhood is not what it used to be, Sydney finds her new home away from home with seven outcasts called the Vortex.

I actually had fun with this movie. :) I know its teenie bopper, but I had fun. :) I enjoyed the "I am a dork" confession, in the end. And i found most of the scenes quite funny and entertaining. It's light and a good thing to watch specially if you are a freshman or you wanna re-live freshmen days. :P

Memorable Quotes:

[staring at a drying sports bra]
Spanky: Dudes... that thing has touched boobs.
Terrence: Of course. The sturdy, breathable fabric is designed to maintain mammary elasticity.
Spanky: Shut up, Terrence. You're ruining the moment for me.

Dinky: My name's Dinky and I think I'm in love with a dork!

Gurkin: [to Tyler about his date with Sydney] If you try any funny stuff, I will unleash the power of the internet on you. I will register you as a sex offender in all 50 states... and Canada.

Rachel: [to Dinky] Dinky, we're over there.
[to Sydney]
Rachel: Hi, Sydney. Nice to find some people you fit in with.
Sydney: It is nice, isn't it? If only there were a place where a superficial, materialistic bitch could fit in. Oh wait, there is.

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