Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Secret Hour - Luanne Rice

Category: Books

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Drama

Author: Luanne Rice

Review and Overview of the book The Secret Hour written by Luanne Rice

Two people are brought together unexpectedly. John O'Rourke is a defense lawyer in a small town, defending a serial rapist/killer named Greg Merrill. Merrill is currently in the death row and while the process is going on people are talking behind John's back. John recently lost his wife, Theresa and is doing his best to raise his two kids Teddy and Maggie.

On the other hand, Katy's sister is apparently missing for six months already and Katy was tracking the lead her sister left that lead her to John O'Rourke, she suspected Greg Merrill got something to do with her missing sister Willa.

One great story of Love, Loss and the art of opening one's heart thinking it would never open and love again.....

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