Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

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Genre: Fantasy

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Overview and Review of Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer.

*read it last month*

I've been hearing about this vampire series which is the latest craze after the phenomenal Harry Potter for months already from my sister and online friends alike who loves to read.

Here goes: Seventeen year old, Isabella Swan, who lived with her mother ever since she was born decided to move in with his father to a small rainy town in Forks. She saw Edward Cullen in the school cafeteria on her first day in school and felt an instant attraction or curiosity about the guy. Boy meets girl huh? :) I guess, I shan't be spoiling a lot about the book, because I encourage you to read it na lang.

There were a couple of "kilig"-slash- spine tingling moments with Edward and Bella in this book, and it practically focuses on the two. That's why everybody enjoyed this. More kilig moments to come eh? It's a good book, with humor not *Cabot-ish easy, but close to that. It has great lines, I tell you. And a fast read as well, despite having 498 pages all in all. Although, there are times that I feel it's becoming predictable.

Anyhow, I recommend this book strongly to those who "WANTS to ENJOY READING", "STARTING TO READ", "LEARNING TO READ" because it's fun and an easy-read.
and of course to those who READS A LOT, I need not say why. Hehe.

Oh and it has a movie coming up with it's trailers all over the internet. Go GOOGLE!

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