Sunday, September 14, 2008

Snow Wolf - Glenn Meade

Category: Books

Genre: Suspense

Author: Glenn Meade

Overview and Review of the book Snow Wolf written by Glenn Meade.
read: July 9, 2008

An American journalist arrives in present-day Moscow to investigate his father's suicide and learned that his father was involved with a CIA mission that is so sensitive that both the USA and Russian government would do anything to keep it hidden.

Here, President Eisenhower makes the most audacious decision when he heard that Joseph Stalin's mental health is rapidly deteriorating: to sanction the OPERATION: Snow Wolf. Which would involve Two CIA agents, to travel across Moscow to assassinate the world's most powerful despot. Quite by chance, however, from the moment they land on Soviet soil, the KGB gets wind of the plan.

Thrilling and a nice book to bring when you are traveling. You can get a dose of history on this lot involving Eisenhower and Stalin. Features real people and fiction in one story, perfectly weaved. With a couple of twists and turns you would enjoy.

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