Monday, September 1, 2008

Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman - Elizabeth Buchanan

Category: Books

Genre: Relationship

Author: Elizabeth Buchanan

Overview and Review of Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman by Elizabeth Buchanan.

Rose Loyd, a middle-aged woman proves to us that starting over or new beginnings can be done despite the age. After 20 years of being with his husband, in a career she loves and raising up two kids, Rose suddenly finds her marriage and career on a brink.

The title is very misleading, and most people would look for the revenge part. But, wise people would understand where the "revenge" part lies. To those who have ears let them hear. :)

This is a very nice story. Heartbreaking at the beginning *pierces your heart to the max*, and with an unlikely ending. It's about overcoming the end of things you used to love. Coping up with the change and reinventing yourself. It is inspiring.

It also shows us that "The best revenge is actually LIVING WELL."

First Sentence: "Here," said Minty, my deputy, with one of her breathy laughs, "the review has just come in. It's hilariously vindictive."

Read: June 25, 2008

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