Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SVU - #1 College Girls

Category: Books

Genre: Teenage Series

Created By: Francine Pascal

Overview and Review of College Girls the first book of Sweet Valley University created by Francine Pascal.

Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield along with their friends, Todd Wilkins, Enid Rollins and Winston Egbert are about to begin their COLLEGE DAYS.

Elizabeth's having a bad start; Jessica moving out from their dorm getting stuck with Celine which is a much worst roommate than Jessica was, Todd getting so busy getting "on board" whatever athletes are doing and fitting in, and Enid Rollins is not the same Enid she grew up with.

I had fun reading this book. It took me back to my "Sweet Valley freak days", maybe that's why I still love the series even when I'm all grown up now. :)

The spark of Sweet Valley is still with me......

Very entertaining, comical and exciting as well. :) Good for freshmen in college. :P

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