Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Special Delivery - Danielle Steel

Category: Books
Genre: Love
Author: Danielle Steel

Review and overview of Special Delivery by Danielle Steel.

Jack Watson ownss one of the most successful boutiques in Beverly Hills called Julie's with two adult children who were the love of his life.

He avoided marriage after two incidents one, having a failed marriage and two, the brief and tragic death of the woman he truly loved the most. Ever since then, he does not like attachment and was said to be an incurable playboy always in the tabloids and newspapers when seen with Hollywood's most beautiful WOMEN most of the time.

Not Steel's best, I seem to like her sagas compared to these kind of stories but it's entertaining. I like the delivery scene... very comical. :)

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foobarph said...

muhuhu... sana may harry potter review na... ayoko neto. lolz (arte no)