Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Loop - Nicholas Evans

Summary & REVIEW of The Loop by Nicholas Evans

Category: Books
Genre: Outdoors & Nature
Author: Nicholas Evans

This book is about wolves. I like the way he ended the story… although I cried for the sad life that Mr. Buck Calder ended up with. He seemed so sad losing his family and all that.

You would learn how to appreciate animals, specially the wolves even more. That they are still living creatures and we should not slay them for killing the livestocks.

Here you would know that everyone is connected to each other in a loop.

“Where once there had been life, now was death. And out of death, thus, was life sustained. And in that bloody compact, both the living and the dead were joined in a loop as ancient and immutable as the moon that arced above them.”

I like this funny conversation:

Clyde: I was talking to that outfitter fella, Pete Neuberg, you know? Says it’s been one of the worst hunting seasons in years. Elk and deer numbers are way down he says. He blames the wolves.
Kathy: I hear, they’re to blame for the weather too. *rolling her eyes*
Charlie: How can wolves be blamed for the weather?
Lucy: It was a joke, dumbo. *giving Charlie a shove*
Buck: What do you think Helen?
Helen: About them being to blame for the weather?

Eleanor: At least theyre not eating cattle anymore.
Doug: They never ate mine.
Luke: Maybe yours dont taste good.

I liked the part when Helen and Celia were talking and arguing while swimming clutching their wineglasses.

This is a must read and a great book.

“All that matter is NOW…. and you just need to BE”

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