Monday, October 30, 2006

War Day - Whitney Strieber and James Kunetka

Category: Books
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Author: Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka

It’s a narrative. It wasn’t a bore, nor was it that exciting. The story was quite interesting.

War Day is a fictional story about USA after being bombed by a nuclear three times by Russia. It tells about the fallout, the aftershocks, what happened to the people in the different states of the USA. It’s about as to who governed the US, when Washington was literally destroyed and is only ashes and dust like San Antonio.

Different groups of people began to emerge. People who believed they do not need a government or a structure, and thus they are called Destructuralist. I like the group’s mission and their outlook in life. I shall be quoting them. They are called the Angels and are outlaws during that time, because they discourage government.

“Social structures are the breeding ground of ideology, greed and territorialism. Agricultural communities are peaceful communities, and families bound together by need and love do not go to war.No matter how benign a given structure seems it inevitably lead to the same consequences, all social structures lead to namely, war and death. Real social harmony comes from the human heart.”

“Government is institutionalized dehumanization. People who deal with paper instead of other people lose the all-important thread of contact from heart-to-heart.”

“In order to survive, mankind needs a whole new being. There is inherent Destructuralism the concept that people can remake their own hearts to include a new valuation of their fellow human beings. By refocusing our energies on our families we can learn never to forget for an instant how it feels to be the other person.For example, the American president and the Russian president could not have done what they did to the rest of us on WarDay, if they have been trained from birth never to forget for an instant that all human beings are partners in life and that everybody is as important as they were to themselves - that the death of the Average Joe was going to be as much a catastrophe for him and his family as the death of a great leader would be to his own precious self and relatives.”

“Only in a truly destructured, rehumanized social milieu can the kind of maturing growth that people need to take place, because only if there are no distancing structures can the individual come to realize , through his identification with his own family, that every life on earth is as precious and valuable as his own.You might argue that destructuralism is old style anarchy all over again, but it isn’t. Destructuralism is based on the caring of mature human souls for one another and for the planetary body too. It is government by putting yourself in the other man’s shoes. The Bible said, “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”That is all the government the world needs.Remeber this: If you love life and think that big government is big poison, and you are willing to stand hand in hand with your brothers and sisters on this earth, do not scorn the Angels for you are one.”

-By an Angel.

Nice eh?

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