Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Angels Trilogy - Lurlene McDaniels

Category: Books
Genre: Teens
Author: Lurlene McDaniels


It's a story about a girl(Leah) whose real father died, whose mother remarried 5 times, and who does not love to be uprooted everytime her mother re-marries. She was taken to a hospital because her finger broke while her mom was having her honeymoon in Japan with Neil her husband #5.

Leah has a wardmate, a little Amish girl named Rebekah with a scorpion bite. Here you would know the difference between an Amish and an English person. Amish is a religious group who prefer to be separate among the modern people and prefer to call themselves "plain person". They do not have elictricity, cars or anything modern. They live as farmers and carpenters in Nappanee.

Rebekah has a brother whom Leah fell in love with named Ethan. Here the test goes for the two people who are so different in ways and are worlds apart. Leah was also diagnosed with bone cancer, but was touched by an angel they believe was named Gabriella.

A family and a love story in one. It's an ok story but exactly not that great for an 18 year old girl like me. Probably good for 13 year olds - 17 :)


Ang-ang said...

her mom married for 5 times wow nice review!

-=darleNe=- said...

Haha Yeah. interesting indeed