Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bride For Rent - 2014

Category: Movie

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Chick Flick / Drama

Director: Mae Czarina Cruz

Writer: Charlene Grace Bernardo, Carmi Raymundo

Producer: ABS CBN Film Productions, Star Cinema Productions

Cast: Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Empoy Marquez, Martin del Rosario, Pilita Corales, Tirso Cruz III, Dennis Padilla, Matt Evans and more.


Having one thing in common, both Rocco Espiritu and Rocky Espiritu created a scheme to get money, FAST.

Losing a match from poker, Rocco needs his money from his trust fund fast, or else lose the client he needs to defeat his Father's TV commercial production company, while Rocky needs to pay the rent or else her whole family will be homeless. The only way Rocco will get his money from his trust fund was to fulfill the conditions of his grandmother and that is: to get married.

Rocco then hires Rocky to play his bride... but along the way something goes amiss....

Its the usual chic flick but it had good values at the end. I liked the interview part of the couples in the film. Its not an intellectual drama, but if you want something light.. this can be a good upperthingy.

So this is where the expression: Isnt it amazing? Isnt it surprising? came from!

For awhile I wondered.. from what movie ... did it spring forth! :) 

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