Thursday, May 16, 2013

Magnifico - 2003

Category: Movie

Genre: Drama / Family

Director: Maryo J. Delos Reyes

Writer: Michiko Yamamoto

Producer: Violett Films Production

Cast: Jiro Manio, Lorna Tolentino, Albert Martinez,  Gloria Romero, Celia Rodriguez, Marc Gil , Tonton Guiterriez, Amy Austria, Cherry Pie Picache, Danilo Barrios, Susan Africa, and more


Magnifico may not be good in school and belongs to an unfortunate and poor family, he has a big heart and has this positivity that permeates him everywhere he goes. He has not only helped his family, but the community he lives in.


It's a heartwarming story about a kid who has touched the lives of many people in their neighborhood. It's a simple story, very close to Filipino culture and Filipino values with Filipino issues as well.

Thanks to my friend Juna who recommended that I watch the film.

I think we'd fare really well if we make good films like these. Inspiring. Simple. Touches us and stirs our heart.This is good drama, compared to other dramas that is often fed to the masses.

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