Sunday, August 26, 2012

Born to Love You - 2012

Category:  Movie

Genre: Romance / Drama

Director: Jerome Chavez Pobocan

Writer: Rondel Lindayag, Coco Martin

Producer: Star Cinema Productions, Cinemedia Films

Cast: Coco Martin, Angeline Quinto, Albert Martinez, Tonton Guiterrez, Eula Valdez, Al Tantay, Malou de guzman, Kiray Celis and more

 This started off as a story with a poor lass named Joey Liwanag (Angeline Quinto) who works as a part time Korean tourist guide and gets into amateur singing competitions with her sisters to help raise finance for the family.  On a completely different note, Rex Manrique (Coco Martin) is an arrogant, hot tempered frustrated photographer who wants to prove to his family that he can stand on his own and can move and succeed in life independently.

Quite corny at the beginning. But, it never fails to make you laugh despite the corni-ness-ish! Interesting twist at the end....also some blatant advertising can be seen. o_O i ended up thinking this was made for that company. :P

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