Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stranger than Fiction - 2006

Category: Movie

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy

Writer: Zach Helm

Director: Marc Forster

Producer: Columbia Pictures, Mandate Pictures, Three Strange Angels

Cast: Will Ferrell, William Dick, Guy Massey, Martha Espinoza, T.J. Jagodowski, Peter Grosz, Ricky Adams, Christian Stolte, Denise Hughes, and more

Tagline: He's not crazy. He's just written that way.

Harold Crick is an IRS agent, with a life so monotonous, boring and repetitive.  One day he hears a voice of a narrator who predicts what was just about to happen. He then realizes, he is a book character and that the narrator plans to kill him off. But, before the author does that, he has a chance to find the author and convince the author not to kill him.

Too strange for me. Or maybe I watched it at the wrong time. Not my kind of film, but it was quite unique and not to Holly-woodish if I may say so. Worth watching... only because of it's uniqueness or there are not many too strange films out there - right? The script is really quite funny, I have to hand it to the writer.

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