Thursday, April 21, 2011

Star Dancer - Beth Webb

Category: Book

Genre: Teens Fiction

Author: Beth Webb

When magic meets destiny. 15 year old Tegen was declared the Star Dancer, whom everybody talked about. The baby who was born on the night of when the stars danced. However it took a long time for their community especially the druids to accept Tegen because she is just a normal girl. The druids were expecting a boy. Then came the challenges as she was given no choice but to learn and work with real magic when the prophesy about evil was about to happen.


This book is geared for young adults. And it has every reason to. It has witchcraft and goddess in every page. I enjoyed it. Particularly the rituals of the druids and the talk about North, East, West and South spirits. I enjoyed the whole concept of it and it was like being lost in another fantasy world that could be just real....


No demon can ever have the last laugh when a soul's intention are good. Remember that. It is important.

Remember, child, when the world looks as if it is falling apart; all manner of things shall be well.

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