Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - 2010

Category: Movie

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure / Action

Director: Mike Newell Writer: Boaz Yakin / Doug Miro

Producer: Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Tagline: Defy the Future

Cast: Jake Gyllenhall, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina, Steve Toussaint, Toby Kebbell, Richard Coyle, Ronald Pickup, Reece Ritchie, Gisli Orn Garoarsson, Claudio Pacifico, Thomas DuPont, Dave Pope and more.

Overview and Review of The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time directed by Mike Newell.

Based on a video game. This movie was set in the mystical lands of Persia. A young fugitive prince, Dastan and a beautiful mysterious princess, Tamina must stop the dark forces who might unknowingly destroy the world for selfish gains using a special dagger that enables the magic sand inside to reverse the time.

I've always wanted to watch this because it's a Jerry Bruckheimer Film and at the same time a Walt Disney Pictures. I am a big fan of both. And once again, they never failed me. It wasn't predictable there was a surprising twist in the near end which I really enjoyed. I like the chemistry of Dastan and Tamina. The action scenes were all great, everything about the movie is very vivid and engaging. I heard that some actors had to learn "parkour" for a scene that I enjoyed really well. I also had loads of fun with the ostrich racing.

Quotes I Love:

Tamina: That's impossible.
Dastan: Difficult, not impossible.
Tamina: All the more proving you're insane.
Dastan: Then why do you look so impressed?

Tamina: All the pain in the world will not help you find something that does not exist.

King Sharaman: Family, the bond between brothers is the sword that defends our empire; I pray that that sword stays strong

Tamina: So I'm being escorted by Prince Dastan, the Lion of Persia. Must feel wonderful winning such a claim for destroying such an innocent city.
Dastan: Oh, a pleasure to meet you too, princess. And allow me to offer, that if punishing the enemies of my king is a crime, then it's one I'll gladly repeat.
Tamina: Then you are a true prince of Persia. Brutal. Without honor.
Dastan: Don't make the mistake of thinking you know me, princess.

King Sharaman: A great man who would have stopped what was wrong, no matter who was ordering.

King Sharaman: The princess of Alamut will be your first wife! What say you, Dastan?
Dastan: Uh...
King Sharaman: He plunges into a hundred foes without falter, but before marriage he stands frozen with fear!
Dastan: I need a drink.

Tamina: Protect the dagger no matter what the consequences. That was my sacred duty. That was my destiny.
Dastan: We make our own destiny, Princess.

Tamina: You know you walk like one, head held high, chest out, long stomping strides, it's probably from being told since birth that the world was yours.
Dastan: I wasn't born in a palace like you! I was born in the slums where I fought and scratched and clawed for everything that I got!
Tamina: Then how did you become a prince?
Dastan: I don't know, the King. He found me, he gave me, a home, a family. You're looking at the look of a man who has lost everything.

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