Monday, June 16, 2008

The Valkyries - Paulo Coelho

Category: Books

Genre: Spirituality

Author: Paolo Coelho

Overview and Review of The Valkyries authored by Paolo Coelho.

This is an autobiographical book, but told using the third person.

Why do we destroy the things we love? It was the question Paolo asked during this journey.
This journey involved looking for angels and in order to see them Paolo with his wife Christina must seek out the advice of The Valkyries who roamed the area. They traveled to the Mojave Desert for the 40 day Quest. An authentic story of being in the darkness, seeking out the light, and having a mentor.

This is a nice book about finding your angel and a wonderful spiritual journey at that. An enlightening book and a delightful read. You would cherish all the words that you would read next. There are a lot of "symbolical" events in the book as well. This book is a lot of things really. Its about love, light, angels, life, death, darkness, fear, rituals, and very spiritual it is. It can certainly touch your heart, mind and soul. A modern day magical, enchanting adventure..

April 30, 2008


Anarki said...

ate how much is the book.? I think i want to buy

espresso said...

anarki: ithink it's around 200+. or prolly 300 but wouldn't reach 400. it's available in NBS nationwide, dear. :)