Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Luisa Ridge, Laguna

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Overview and Review of Luisa Ridge in Laguna.

When we got there it was drizzling. I love the pool. Of course Laguna's pretty much known for hot spring resorts and pools and so you wouldn't be that surprised. Pools come as Lima Singko here. hehe. But, nevertheless it is still comforting to see one specially when you are from the city.

It has a good environment... very nature-oriented. Too nature-oriented that you'd see lots of "train-train" (those caterpillar-like worms that looks like a train.. thus the nick) and of course earthworm. They are harmless... yes I know that.

It's a perfect spot for trainings because it can give you "peace of mind" specially if you are being one with nature. It gives you this peaceful feeling. Away from the city's hustle and bustle.

The room? Well.. that's another matter. I don't like it. Really. And the bathroom in the room? It's very ancient. I hope they upgrade it one day. Oh well.

Since, it was pretty rainy.. imagine my surprise when I woke up with earthworms on the floor. Eeek. Horrible experience! errrrrrr....

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