Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Magic Bullet - Harry Stein

Summary & REVIEW of the Magic Bullet by Harry Stein

Category: Books
Genre: Medical Fiction
Author: Harry Stein

One critic said if John Grisham is a master when it comes to lawsuits and the like so would be Harry Stein in the medical world.

Quite entertaining. It tells about Daniel Logan finding a “cure” for cancer. It’s called Compound J. He is a well-known doctor who quit his job at a hospital to work for ACF (American Cancer Foundation).

He was a newbie back then… and his main goal was to help find a cure for cancer. But, in almost American establishment… the politics in the institute would never be missing. You had to kiss-ass with the higher guys to be promoted. And when you are in your first year… you have to look for a higher-ranking individual as your ally.

Politically inclined + Medical Thrill that involves the White House’s First Lady getting cancer and in the end being treated by Daniel Logan.

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