Monday, August 28, 2006

Games of the Hangman - Victor O`Reilly

Summary & REVIEW of Games of the Hangman by Victor O`Reilly

Category: Book
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers / Terrorism / Fiction
Author: Victor O`Reilly

I did not know that Victor had a “Ludlum” in him. I mean he writes soo good and all that. I have to say, he can easily join the ranks of Ludlum! This book is amazing and very intriguing. Thrilling and all that.

About a war photographer named Fitzduane living in a lone island near an exclusive school. Where all the kids of prominent people from all over the world are studying and boarding.

It’s about a very cunning terrorist who has a lot of identities and a lot of followers.

Very very good. Great read. Super.

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bobbyRicky said...

very insightful read, thankyou.

Feb 23, 12:14 AM